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Spider Webb Tattoo Irons

spider webb with tattoo machine All tattoo machines are handmade by Spider Webb -- not on a computer or CNC machine. they are all one of a kind and signed by Spider Webb.

The Bone

Hand crafted by Spider Webb in 2001. The frame is engraved: Spider Webb, 2001. U S A, N Y C, 1 of 1. Arm. bar engraved:S. Webb. The large inlay is a piece of the WTC, engraved 911, 2001, on top of that is a melted .45 shell inlayed with bone. The top small inlay is boar bone. The bottom small inlay is donkey tooth. The coils are hand wrapped (10) wrapped in black tape. The capacitor is wrapped in black rubber. Engraved on the inside of the machine (not shown) is a spider web. Price $450.00 + $20.00 shipping and handling.

Bone back
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Bone front

price: $470.00 (SOLD)   

Sold Machines

These machines have been sold, scroll down for machines on sale.

Annie's Pearl front
Front of annies earring Sharon front
Forbidden front The Chief front
checkmate front Iron Man front
avenger front Algonquin back
death back Morgan machine
Bishop front bosom
dragoon-front elektra-front
equator-front infinite-front
jasper-front jillian-front
jury-front mask-front
pawn-front percussion-front
rook-front starfire-front
tempest-front totem-front


The following machines are currently for sale:


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